Sedes Sapientiae School Emblem - Our Lady Seat of Wisdom is at the core of the classical liberal art

A school dedicated to Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom

Our Emblem

At the heart of the emblem is a symbol of Our Lady, to whom the School is entrusted: An M with a Cross. Just as Our Lady is the Seat of Wisdom Incarnate, this symbol has an M for Mary upon which is seated a Cross for our Lord.

Surrounding the M-cross are 12 stars. The stars and M-cross are familiar to Catholics as the back of the Miraculous Medal. However, these 12 stars also represent our first students, as we opened in the Fall of 2015 with 12 students (we added a 13th student in January).

Around the center are symbols for the 7 classical liberal arts, starting at the top center: Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy, Logic, Rhetoric, and Grammar. Seven also is the number of our founding faculty.

Along the rim is, of course, the name of the School in our School colors of red and gold.

Committed to the Catholic academic, theological, and spiritual heritage

Sedes Sapientiate School adheres to the tenets of the Catholic Faith in recognition of and obedience to the Magisterium. To that end,  faculty, administrators, and Board Members of Sedes Sapientiae School take the Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and the Profession of Faith every year.

Although we are an independent school, not organized or run by any diocese or parish, the School was founded and is run by lay Catholics who are deeply committed to their faith and to the Church. 

At Sedes Sapientiae School, the great education begins with the Great Books

Classical curriculum

The Church's time-tested formation of sharp minds and great saints

The classical curriculum is a program in the systematic education of the mind and heart. Developed in the Renaissance to educate students in a complete, well-rounded way, the classical curriculum covers the 7 liberal arts of Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy, Logic, Rhetoric, and Grammar. In the hands of the Church and Catholic centers of learning, other sciences and arts were added.  

Today, the foundation of the classical curriculum remains the time-tested greatest works of the Western world. However, it also employs the latest approaches to sciences such as biology, chemistry, and physics. At Sedes Sapientiae School, we include visual and performing arts such as drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, choir, and drama.

As a school founded and run by Catholics in service to the Church, we have developed a rigorous theology program spanning all academic years, where students encounter the Bible, great theologians and saints, and documents of the Church.

In this way, students experience Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. They gain broad and deep knowledge in each subject, while learning to organize their thoughts quickly, express themselves clearly through in speech and writing, and engage and challenge with respect and courtesy the opinions of others. They learn their studies as well as confidence. And they discover that things they "weren't good at" can become things they excel in and enjoy.

Accreditation and distinctions

Accredited by NAPCIS

Accredited by NAPCIS

Accredited by NAPCIS


Sedes Sapientiae School is accredited by the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS). NAPCIS applies their trusted, rigorous standards of excellence in academics and Catholic identity to accredit private Catholic and independent schools schools. 

ICLE Member School

Accredited by NAPCIS

Accredited by NAPCIS


The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education inspires and equips Catholic educators to renew today’s Catholic schools by drawing on the Church’s tradition of education, which frees teachers and students for the joyful pursuit of faith, wisdom, and virtue. ICLE supports Catholic educators through conferences, teacher development programs, in-service workshops, consultation, and publications.

First CLT Test Site in NJ

National Latin and Greek Exams

National Latin and Greek Exams


Sedes Sapientiae School is a North East test center for the Classic Learning Test (CLT), and the first in New Jersey. The CLT is a an alternative college entrance examination to demonstrate  a student's proficiency in Reading, Writing, and Math. The CLT has been developed especially for Liberal Arts high school students, as an alternative to the SAT and ACT.

National Latin and Greek Exams

National Latin and Greek Exams

National Latin and Greek Exams


All our students participate in the National Latin Exam and in the National Greek Exam sponsored by the  American Classical League (ACL).  Each year are students have consistently won honors from the ACL.

Articles of interest

Sedes Sapientiae School has been featured in Latin Mass magazine as well as the websites of the Cardinal Newman Society and Christendom College. Download the articles and share!

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